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The Wedding Celebration of

God has made everything wonderful in his time,
wonderful when He unite as,
wonderful when He build our love and united us into a holy marriage

Rafan Manta A.Md.Par.

Son of
Mr. Ferdinand Manta
Mrs. Mulyati


Revita Pingkan Goni A.Md.Par.

Daughter of
Mr. Elat Herman Goni
Mrs. Erliana Zainah

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Holy Matrimony

Intimate Lunch

Holy Matrimony

Intimate Lunch

Timeline History

Early Meet

We miss a partner of faith. On May 09, 2018 I asked to introduce a girl to my friend, then I was introduced to my friend, whose name is Pingkan. Finally, I dm Pingkan on May 09, 2018 and got acquainted. After using social media, I continued to communicate on whatsapp and then tried to ask for a meeting. Finally we met in front of the sahid campus. The first impression we met was both shocked because the makeup was not fashionable/modern fashion. Pingkan feels I'm fluffy, I feel Pingkan is also hairy (an expression after a long relationship). And finally we walked to Aeon BSD until the next day we went to church together for the first time. After 2 weeks of walking it turns out that we are both comfortable. And finally I expressed my feelings of love and we became friends at the grilled ribs maker again because of the fast breaking fast. wkowkowko 😀

Application Event

At the end of 2020, after a bitter and sweet relationship, I finally spoke to Pingkan to take this relationship to a more serious level. I proposed to Pingkan because of the commitment we have made, and I feel Pingkan is an angel for me, because Pingkan can make me better than before I met Pingkan. After carrying out the preparation process, the application event can finally take place on January 30, 2021 at the Fisherman's Palace.

Reception Event

After we carry out the application on January 30, 2021. We choose to carry out the wedding 1 year later which is exactly on February 26, 2022. Because it is indeed a time of the covid-19 pandemic and we are in the process of building a house

Our Pray

"So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate"
Matthew 19:6

Wedding Gift


an Revita Pingkan


an Rafan


Happy Wedding Rafan & Pinkan 🎉🎉🎉 Semoga menjadi keluarga yang bahagia, harmonis dan Langgeng selalu sampai maut memisahkan. Tuhan memberkati selalu 💕💕💕
Happy wedding pak rafan dan ka pingkan semoga bahagia slalu dan semoga acaranya lancar 🤍 God Bless You 😇
Selamat berbahagia kak♥️♥️diberkati selalu.
Semoga Acara bisa berjalan dengan baik & lancar tanpa kekurangan suatu apapun . . . God Bless You 😇
Selamat rafan dan pingkan. Semoga acaranya dapat berjalan dengan lancar sampai hari H
Semoga lancarrr sampai hari h, langgeng pernikahannya, congraatttsss ❤️❤️
Congaraaattss yaa Pingkan & calon suami. Semoga lancar sampai hari H 🥳 langgeng terus sampe akhir hayat, tuhan memberkati Aamiin 😇
Vera & Ongky
Selamat Rafan dan Pingkan , Tuhan berkati segala proses sampai dengan hari H , penuh berkat selalu utk rumah tangga barunya nanti 🙏🏻😇
Hanni & Brian
Selamat Rafan & Pinkan! Tuhan pimpin semua proses menuju kehidupan rumah tangga baru, semoga bahagia dan diberkati selalu.. 😇
Tania & Wina
Congratsss ya pingkan & bang rapannn semoga langgeng & jadi pasangan yg bahagia selalu♥️♥️♥️♥️
Selamat dul, lancar sampai hari H 🎉🎉🎉
Ridha Rahmawati
Semoga lancar sampai hari yg dinantikann untuk kalian ber2😍🤗
Yennie Riani
Semoga Lancar sampai Hari H nya
Slmat kak .. lancar smpai hari-H.. Gbu 😇🥰
Om Tenyong & Novi
Wish u happynes


COVID - 19 Prevention

It’s important to us that everyone stays safe, please read carefully our Wedding Day Covid-19 Guidance before attending the event:

Wear a mask

Maintain a safe distance from others

Wash Hand

Normal Body Temprature (below 37.5 degrees Celsius)

See you on our big day !

Rafan & Pingkan
Special Invite To :
Request the honor of your presence at our marriage